About Us

Step-by-step, ferociously.

ProGrad was founded in 2020 on the principle that future potential is the key to unlock financial inclusion, amongst young people . We are here to ensure that your past won't dictate your present and that responsible credit is accessible to anyone with great potential.


This is the mission we live and die by, every day.

Our Story

Our co-founders Ethan and Marco met in 2016 during their undergraduate degrees. Both of them were looking everywhere for funding to cover the cost of their Masters'. However, they quickly realised that alternatives beyond the Student Loan Company were minimal and that mainstream banks were not lending to students. Instead, students were often forced to borrow at astronomical rates from private student lenders or even payday lenders to finance their education. After months and months of research, we finally realised that thin credit files and affordability were the key reasons preventing talented students from accessing credit from institutions that they know and trust. That is when we embarked on our mission to ensure that anyone with potential, regardless of their background, can be empowered to reach their goals. 


We strive to promote financial inclusion  across the Gen Z whilst protecting them from entering into impossible-to- repay debts.

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