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Best Side Hustles 2024


Welcome to the gig economy of 2024. Whether you’re saving up for a holiday, some mad nights out, or just to have a bit of cash on the side, we’ve got the lowdown on all the best side-hustles.

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What Are Side Hustles?

For those thinking, “What the heck is a side hustle?”, listen up.

A side hustle is an extra job on the side of your regular employment. These are perfect for those wanting a little extra income, or those in full-time education who don’t have time for a full-on job.

This can give you a little extra breathing room, especially when the purse strings are tight! To learn even more about smart ways to earn, save, and even invest, fill out Prograd’s 20-second form below and, bang! Get started right away.

What Are The Best Side Hustles 2024?

Remember, the best side hustle for you is gonna be the one that helps you achieve your 2024 earning and saving goals.

To see what hustle can help you achieve your specific goals fast, hit that Get Started button. Prograd has tons of hustle options in our hustle hub so you can make money moves, smarter.

Want a closer look at the hustles on offer? Let’s whizz through the very best:

Work As An Extra

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to go on a film set, right? Well, dreams really do come true! Become an extra and get paid between £70 to £160 a day to work as an extra on a TV show or movie. You’ll make some great memories and earn money doing it - win-win.


Do you have a talent or skill in a certain subject? Then it’s no time to be modest - let that talent shine. From piano to maths to photography, whether creative or academic subjects are your game, any hustler can earn from £20 to £80 an hour with this flexible (and rewarding) gig.

Product Tester

Getting paid to try things? This is one of the easiest hustles, making it perfect for anyone wanting a minimal-effort gig. Get products sent to you and earn that cashola by sending back your survey or review, It’s really that easy.


Speaking of surveys, this is another great and low-effort side hustle. Luckily, tons of companies want to hear your opinions. Just make sure to only give your insights to reputable sites as there can be some unsafe sites about.

Stay away from the scams and get linked up with the best surveys around with Prograd. See that ‘Get Started’ button in the top right-hand corner? Hit it and get going with surveys today.


If love to spend time with kids (and have plenty of patience to spare), consider becoming a babysitter. Not only can this be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour, but it can pay a decent hourly wage of around £10 to £15.

Delivery Driver

If you’re a decent driver or biker, grow your savings by becoming a delivery driver. These gigs are relatively easy to apply for and may not even require a CV. Plus, they have a pretty good hourly rate, can get you out and about, and usually have some great discounts included!

Pet sitter

If looking after kids sounds like a little too much and you love having furry friends, pet sitting will be right up your side hustle alley. Tons of people don’t like leaving their pets in kennels and will pay a good hourly rate for their pets to be in safe hands. This is where you step in! This gig is easy to apply for and typically doesn’t require a CV. Easy-peasy.


In the hustle game of 2024, there's no shortage of opportunities. Better yet, these can be really fun! From diving into the digital survey realm to sharing your skills as a tutor, these side hustles are tailored for the trendsetting, tech-savvy hustlers of today.

So, don’t waste any more time and get side hustlin' today with Prograd. See that Get Started button? Hit it and get hooked up with the best hustles so you can smash those 2024 saving goals.

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