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What we do

Planning for the future isn't just about doing more of the same, it is about listening to your future customers and innovating to deliver what they need.

Here at Prograd, we believe in driving innovation through information - whether you are looking to launch a new product, looking to find out what your Gen Z customers are feeling about your existing propositions or looking at the market in general.

We are FCA regulated and work with over 200,000 young people that are engaged with financial products to deliver market intelligence, backed up with our segmentations to bring colour to the future of your business.


Our insights reveal four core common motivations for the Gen Z audience


believe it is important to continue to learn new things throughout life.


like to be surrounded by different people, cultures, ideas and lifestyles.


feel it is important to be respected by their peers.


have a practical outlook on life.

Underneath these common motivations there are five discrete Gen Z segments


They are happy with their standard of living.


They find it difficult to balance their social life with work, and are easily swayed by people's opinions.


They are confident managing their finances.


They like to stand out in a crowd and feel it is important to do their duty.


They feel there is little they can do to change their life.

How can we help you gain insights

  • Instant Insight

    Rapid research led by you. Create 5 or more questions and get responses in days. The data is cleaned and weighted so that you can get straight to the insights.

  • Instant video Insight

    Let them talk to you using their preferred medium. Create 5 or more questions and get qualitative video responses from real people in days. The video is transcribed, and analysis provided including sentiment and categorisation.

  • Consultancy

    More detailed research run for you. Give us your challenge; through in-depth research we support in creating unbiased questionnaires and conduct post-survey analysis to deliver robust insights and segmentations.

Prograd is right for you

  • 200,000 Gen Zs ready to share their views with you

    With our mission "To be your best friend when it comes to Money", Prograd has established the largest panel of Gen Z consumers in the UK, with a strong interest in financial products.

  • Prograd has pedigree

    Prograd data has already been used in over 50 publications to illustrate Gen Z views on finance including Sky New, iNews.

  • Quality is assured

    Prograd are accredited by the FCA and the British Polling Council.


Where our research has been featured

We're proud to say that our research has already been used by major companies to better understand their audiences, as well as being featured across major UK news outlets.

Our research has been seen in press titles such as:

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