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What Graduate Degrees Are The Most Employable?

What are the Most Employable Graduate Degrees?

Degrees can be a gateway to your dream job. But thinking about your future is never an easy task. When it comes to getting a higher education, you want to pursue something that interests you, but you also need to consider what your chosen degree means for your future financially. In the long term, is this degree going to provide you with the best opportunities?

You need to think about your long-term prospects and which degree will best prepare you for the world of employment. That’s not an easy question to answer.

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What Are The Degrees With The Most Job Opportunities?

With the job market constantly fluctuating, it can be hard to know what to study and what sector to devote yourself to. Here are some of the degrees with the most job opportunities in 2023.

Computer Science Degrees

Perhaps unsurprisingly, computer science and similar degrees are some of the most employable. With technology becoming more ingrained in every area of our lives, those with a computer science degree make themselves indispensable across multiple sectors. The good news is that for the foreseeable future, jobs in computer science will exist and grow in value.

From startup jobs to the technology department of a multi-corporate, studying computer science will open many different doors for your career path.

Medicine And Dentistry

There is a constant demand for doctors and medical professionals. Although medicine is notoriously competitive to get into, those who obtain a medical degree tend to find employment within only six months of graduating.

It is worth noting that with 6-years of studying and a further few years of rotations and working as a junior doctor, it can be a long time before you get to where you want to be.

Medicine and dentistry programmes have a 99.4% employable rate six months after graduating. Beyond high employment opportunities, the money is really good too, so if ever you needed more of an incentive.

Finance Degrees

Regardless of the sector or company, every business needs to manage its finances efficiently. So if you’re a wizard with numbers and enjoy crunching them, look for a career in finance. There are so many types of finance jobs to choose from, making this an exciting career path to consider.

The demand to fill finance-related roles, such as financial analysts or financial managers, is high and ever-increasing.

Engineering Degrees

An engineering degree is extremely broad. This means that it paves the way for multiple career routes. These include electrical, civil, software, mechanical and many more fields in both the private and public sectors. This is another career that won’t be dying out any time soon, as there’s so much to do in the field of engineering.


From sports psychology and educational psychology to health psychology and clinical psychology, there are many different realms of this science to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

In particular, industrial psychology, school psychology and clinical psychology are said to be the most employable degrees.

Architecture Degrees

A degree in architecture incorporates math, science and art, making graduates suitable for a number of different careers. As a result, architecture is one of the most employable degrees. We need buildings to live and work in, so at least you know the demand is there.

Those who want to excel in architecture will need to understand the design, mechanism and construction of things.

Statistics show that within six months of graduating, 90% of architecture graduates have secured a job or set up their own business.

Veterinary Sciences

Similarly to medicine, veterinary science is a very competitive degree. With only eight veterinary schools across the UK, it can be difficult to secure a place. If you do manage to get into veterinary sciences, don’t waste the opportunity! Why? Because 95.9% of graduates are employed within six months of graduating.

Law Degrees

Law is not only one of the most employable but one of the most popular degree subjects in the UK. If you love to argue, why not make it a career?

Many choose to pursue their law education further after their undergraduate, choosing to study specialised areas at the graduate level or beyond.

Does It Help Employment Prospects To Study For A Postgraduate Degree?

Depending on the career you want to do, an undergraduate degree may be more than enough to enable you to work in your field of choice.

However, many choose to study a postgraduate course to boost their career prospects, especially if they want to work in a field that requires additional qualifications.

In addition to postgraduates in veterinary science, medical-related degrees and computer sciences, education is one of the most employable postgraduate degrees.

Education postgraduate degrees are vocational, preparing you to work in schools. The employability rate for this degree is around 90%. Lord knows we can never have enough educators.


When it comes to choosing a degree that offers the most job opportunities, several fields stand out in 2023. The chances are these won’t drastically change come 2024, either.

Your choice of degree should align with your interests, long-term goals, and the job market's demands. By considering both personal passion and employment prospects, you can make an informed decision about your degree and future career.

The great news is that there’s such a wide variety of highly employable graduate degrees that most should be satisfied with their choice.

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