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How To Find Paid Surveys In The UK


You probably spend all your time scrolling through your phone, right? Then why not turn this time into making cold, hard cash? If this sounds appealing, then buckle up. We’re about to delve into a world where legit, paid surveys are gonna become your new side hustle.

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Where Can You Find Paid Surveys?

First things first, grab your gadgets and get tech-savvy. These days, paid survey opportunities lurk in the digital realm.

Apps, websites, and even social media platforms can be your gateway to the cash kingdom.

Companies are on the hunt for your opinions, and they're willing to pay you for them. So, fire up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and get ready to delve into the online survey game.

How To Find Paid Surveys UK?

Quite a few survey sites are kicking about. So, stick with us if you wanna know how to find the best, most legit paid surveys in the UK.

Step 1 - Scour Legit Platforms

For better or worse, the internet is a vast place. How can you stop yourself from sinking into the online quicksand?

To make sure you don’t fall into any scams, it’s super important to sniff out reputable websites.

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We know you probably just want to leap right into it, but wait! First, make sure to conduct thorough research beforehand. This means spending time reading reviews and checking the site doesn’t ask for any private information or bank details. Make sure to also look out for any dodgy clickbait or ad pop-ups - these are tell-tale signs of dodgy scams.

It might also be worth asking your mates if they have any reliable recommendations.

If something does feel fishy, trust your gut and get out of there!

Step 2 - Filter by Demographics

You may be tempted to participate in every survey you see, but, alas, not all surveys will need your participation. Some surveys target specific groups as a kind of market research. So, the more accurate info you provide, the better your chances of snagging the right surveys.

Be honest about your demographics such as age, location and interests to find the best paid surveys for you.

Step 3 - Set Up Alerts

To get your hands on the most fire surveys in the UK, set up email alerts from survey platforms to get all the best ones right away. Companies often send out invites in batches, and the early bird catches the cash.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your inbox. That way, your next paid survey adventure might be just a click away.

Step 4 - Optimise Your Profile

If you wanna grab all the best surveys, you’ll want your profile to be banging.

Companies want to know more about you, so fill in all the boxes they ask for, however random they may seem. Just remember what we said before - don’t fill in anything dodgy like your National Insurance number or bank details!

The more they know, the more targeted surveys you'll receive.

How To Get Paid From UK Surveys?

Congratulations! If you’re following our simple steps, you may already be racking up those pounds.

Now, it’s payment time. This may be done through things like PayPal transfer, but some sites get a little more creative. You may be offered gift cards and vouchers instead. Some survey sites may let you choose your payment method, so choose wisely based on what you’d prefer.

Is Doing Surveys For Money With It?

In the UK, most surveys payout pretty small fees. This is often done with points e.g., get 100 points to earn £10. Hmm, £10. This may make you question whether it’s worth it.

The short answer - yes! Online paid surveys can be worth it just as long as you’re patient. After all, this is an easy way of earning money and can be done whenever you like, wherever you like. All you need is a device, like a phone or laptop, a good Wi-Fi connection, and some free time.

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What Are Some Paid Survey Companies I Should Apply For?

Aside from Prograd's list of amazing partners, here are some more paid survey sites you can use to earn some cash.

Swagbucks Surveys

Hey there! Ever heard of Swagbucks? It's your virtual goldmine for paid online surveys.

Swagbucks isn't just about surveys, though. They let you earn bucks by playing games, watching videos, and even surfing the web. Imagine getting rewarded for all the fun stuff you do online!

Why Choose Swagbucks?

  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Swagbucks keeps things fresh with an array of ways to earn. Never get bored!
  • Every Penny Counts: Those surveys add up! Whether it's a long survey binge-watch session or a quick poll, you're stacking those bucks.
  • Cash Out Your Way: Love shopping? Opt for a voucher. Prefer cold hard cash? PayPal is there for you.


Next up, we've got Toluna, a vibrant community where your voice gets heard loud and clear. Share your thoughts on brands you love (or not so much), and watch those points roll in.

What's Cool About Toluna?

  • Be an Influencer: Your opinions help shape the future of products and services. How cool is that?
  • Fun Meets Funds: Not only do you get to voice your thoughts, but you also get rewarded for it. It's a win-win!
  • Variety of Rewards: Fancy a Starbucks treat? Or maybe an Amazon shopping spree? Toluna's got you covered.


If you're into the more serious stuff, YouGov is your go-to. They're all about current affairs, politics, and societal issues. Share your opinions on the topics that matter, and be part of a community that's shaping the future.

Why YouGov Stands Out:

  • Make Your Voice Heard: Your views contribute to data that often makes its way into the news. Talk about impactful!
  • Survey Satisfaction: With engaging topics and thoughtful questions, you're not just earning; you're engaging.
  • Patience Pays: Stick with it, and watch your rewards grow. It's not just about the money; it's about being part of something bigger.

Pinecone Research

Fancy exclusive access? Pinecone Research is like the VIP club of paid online surveys. They're a bit selective, but if you get in, you're in for some of the highest paying surveys out there.

Pinecone Perks:

  • Top Dollar for Your Thoughts: Pinecone surveys are known for their generosity. Feel valued for your views!
  • Product Previews: Get to test and keep products before they hit the market. Be the trendsetter!
  • Direct Impact: Your feedback directly influences major brands. Pretty empowering, right?


Get ready to join LifePoints, where every survey you take translates into points that can add a little extra to your wallet or gift card collection. It's all about sharing your perspective on daily products and services you use.

Why LifePoints Rocks:

  • Easy Earnings: Their surveys are straightforward, and accumulating points is a breeze.
  • Diverse Rewards: Whether you're eyeing PayPal cash or those Amazon vouchers, LifePoints caters to your preference.
  • Engaging Content: Say goodbye to dull surveys! LifePoints keeps you engaged with interesting topics.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost invites you to share your views and get rewarded in the process. It's one of those platforms where your opinion genuinely matters and earns you cash or gift cards.

Perks of Opinion Outpost:

  • Quick Payouts: Reach the threshold in no time and cash out swiftly.
  • Varied Topics: From consumer goods to entertainment, share your thoughts on a range of subjects.
  • User-Friendly: Their platform is a breeze to navigate, making your survey experience smooth and enjoyable.


InboxPounds offers a unique twist, paying you for not only surveys but also reading emails, playing games, and browsing the web. It's your one-stop shop for turning online activities into cash.

Cool Things About InboxPounds:

  • Multiple Earning Streams: Beyond surveys, get paid for a variety of fun online tasks.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: Kickstart your earning journey with a welcome bonus just for joining.
  • Substantial Rewards: Accumulate earnings and cash out a nice sum to treat yourself.


PrizeRebel is your gateway to quick and easy rewards, offering a plethora of surveys and additional tasks to rack up points swiftly, which you can exchange for cash or gift cards.

Why PrizeRebel is Awesome:

  • Rapid Rewards: Low payout thresholds mean you get your rewards faster.
  • Engaging Activities: Besides surveys, engage in fun tasks to earn extra points.
  • Great Selection: Choose from a wide array of rewards that suit your preferences.


Marketagent not only provides a platform for you to express your opinions through surveys but also offers a community where you can see the collective impact of your insights.

Highlights of Marketagent:

  • Global Community: Join a worldwide group of respondents influencing market trends.
  • Consistent Survey Flow: Enjoy a steady stream of surveys, keeping your earning momentum going.
  • Rewarding Experience: Appreciate the satisfaction of your opinions shaping future products and services.

Valued Opinions

Step into Valued Opinions and get ready to exchange your viewpoints for valuable rewards.

It's not just about filling out surveys; it's about voicing your opinions on topics you care about and getting rewarded for it.

Why You'll Love Valued Opinions:

  • Generous Compensation: With Valued Opinions, your thoughts can earn you up to £5 per survey, making it one of the more lucrative options out there.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Engage in surveys that cover various interests and industries, ensuring you're always giving your input on matters you're passionate about.
  • Reward Choices: Redeem your earnings for gift cards from top brands, giving you the flexibility to choose what you enjoy most.


Discover the unique survey experience PanelBase offers, where not only do you get to earn money by completing surveys, but you also join a community that values your input and rewards you for it.

What Sets PanelBase Apart:

  • Welcome Bonus: Get a head start with PanelBase's sign-up bonus, putting you on the fast track to your first cashout.
  • Diverse Surveys: From media to consumer products, PanelBase provides a variety of surveys that keep you engaged and interested.
  • Attractive Payouts: Enjoy some of the industry's more competitive payouts, ensuring your time and opinions are well-compensated.


Finding paid surveys in the UK is all about getting yourself online and getting savvy. Simply load up those gadgets, get comfy - maybe even get a cup of tea - and start searching.

With our simple tips, you’re just a short step away from turning your opinions into pounds! A big improvement from just scrolling TikTok, right?

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