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How To Make Money Online As A Student


Most students aren’t exactly swimming in cash. This can suck, especially when you want some wild nights out at the pub! But fear not, because, in the digital age, there are more ways than ever to fatten up your wallet without even needing to leave your student digs.

Yep, you heard us right. Hustling as a student really can be that easy, and Prograd can help! We have the lowdown on the best ways to earn, save and invest all while acing those classes. Just hit that ‘Get Started’ button to get started.

How Can I Make Money As A Student?

As a student scraping the bottom of the piggy bank, you've got a few choices. You could grab a job at a local bar or cafe, or even check out what gigs are offered on your campus.

But why strap yourself down with a typical 9-5 grind? Some of the easiest and most flexible ways to earn can be found online.

Yep, the internet is useful for more than just watching funny cat videos. It offers a treasure trove of opportunities for all you students out there that are super accessible and flexible. All you need is a laptop or phone, a decent Wi-Fi connection, and a little hustlin’ spirit!

What Are The Best Online Jobs For Students?


Have you got some sneaky multilingual skills? Then work online as a translator! Hone your language skills and learn more about different cultures with this flexible gig. Plus, it can be a decent earner.


Got writing, graphic design, or marketing skills up your sleeve? If you’ve got something to offer, companies will pay for your help. Find online platforms seeking your particular expertise and earn while getting involved in some cool projects.

Luckily, you don’t need to scroll for hours to find these gigs. Hit up Prograd via that ‘Get Started’ button and get hooked up with the hottest freelance gigs. Better yet, get matched with jobs that suit your schedule and savings goal with the help of Prograd’s sick algorithm.

Virtual Assistant

If you have spare time to help an employer answer emails, organise files, coordinate schedules, that kinda thing, consider becoming a virtual assistant. The clue’s all in the name - it can all be done online. Earn up to £30 an hour and bank some work experience as a bonus.

Product Tester

Connect with companies looking for product testers and earn cashola by providing feedback on products and services. Get paid a small fee per test, stick with it, and build up those student savings!

Video Game Tester

Any student who gets their kicks out of long gaming sessions will like the sound of this one. Gaming companies need eager beavers to test out their games - and this could be you!

You can also get paid to test out gaming apps if the whole video game setup isn’t really your thing.

Share Data

Some companies will turn your online data into cold hard cash. So, as long as you’re cool with sharing this info, you can earn some super easy cash to fuel all those student purchases.

If you’re worried about falling into the hands of scammers, find all the most reputable sites on Prograd. See that ‘Get Started’ button? Hit it to unlock financial student freedom.


Can’t get enough of lessons as a student? Then become a tutor and lead your own! Tutoring is well-known for its generous wages. Earn up to £80 an hour with this super rewarding gig.


Students are famous for being opinionated, right? Time to earn from those opinions guys! Ditch the social media scrolls and turn this time into making money moves. While this doesn’t always pay the big bucks, it's a super easy way to earn and can be done on the go while getting the bus to uni or grabbing a takeaway coffee.


Listen up, students. You can all make cash online with a little dedication! It’s time to put down the pint and get hustling because the digital world is brimming with flexible and exciting gig opportunities.

But hey, we get it - sifting through all those mediocre online gigs can be a drag. That’s where Prograd comes in. Just hit that 'Get Started' button, breeze through the survey, and boom! Discover smart strategies to earn, save, and invest like a pro in no time.

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