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Is Learning To Code Worth It?


In today’s technology-driven world, there’s a huge demand for coding skills. When you think of learning to code, you may think of endless boring hours of typing gibberish into a keyboard. But coding is so much more than this!

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So, if you’re wondering if learning to code is worth it, we’re here to tell you - it can be! And here’s why.

What Is Coding And What Is It Used For?

Before we get into anything else, let’s get into the basics of coding.

Just think - electronic devices like phones and laptops all need code to function, right? Well, if you learn to code, you can basically learn to communicate with these devices.

Coding is kinda like a translator. Computers don’t communicate like humans, do they? So, code converts human input into numerical sequences that these electronic computers understand.

With coding, we can tell devices to complete tasks like changing pages when we click a button. It’s all pretty cool.

And there are lots of different kinds of coding languages. For example, there’s Binary code, Python, Java, and more. They all have pretty funky names.

So, that’s basically how coding works. You use a coding language to communicate with a device. You can then instruct this device on how you want things done. It all sounds very impressive, we know.

What Are The Pros Of Learning Code?

There are so many great things about coding! But let’s break down some of the standout advantages of this skill.

  • Problem-Solving Skills - Coding is a pretty great way to develop your problem-solving skills. Just think, coding involves breaking down complex problems into small lines of code. This can boost your analytical skills.
  • Abundant Career Opportunities - This is probably the biggest pro to coding. It opens you up to a vast array of career opportunities! Skilled programmers are in high demand for tons of industries. So, it can provide you with choice and stability when it comes to jobs.
  • Creativity - Coding can turn your technological dreams into reality! Once you’ve harnessed the language, you can build a website, a mobile app, a video game, you name it! Just imagine how cool that would be.
  • Understanding Technology - Like it or not, technology is becoming more and more integral to our daily lives. Learning to code will make you a more informed and capable tech user.
  • High Earning Potential - Finally, it can help you earn the big bucks! It's not hard to imagine why this would be so great. Skilled programmers often enjoy attractive salaries and benefits. Plus, you could freelance code and earn on your own schedule. Result!

What Are The Pros Of Learning Code?

Of course, for you to make an informed decision we also need to tell you what’s not so hot about coding.

  • Hard to Learn - Coding can be pretty tough to learn. Especially for beginners, the initial learning curve is steep. You’ve gotta have a lot of dedication and perseverance to master it!
  • Constantly Evolving Field - The tech landscape is always changing. There are always new programming languages and frameworks coming onto the coding scene. It can be hard to keep up!
  • Time-Consuming - When it comes to coding, patience really is a virtue. Mastering coding takes time, and you’ll struggle if you’re too impatient.
  • Competitive Job Market - Whilst there is a big demand for coders, it’s still a competitive job market. More and more people are learning to code, making it harder to stand out from the crowd.
  • Limited Creativity - Coding does have huge creative potential, but this isn’t guaranteed in all roles. If you’re maintaining large-scale software systems or doing database management, creativity may be limited. You won’t always be coding the big upcoming video game!


So, there’s our sage advice on the pros and cons of coding. Now it’s up to you to decide if it’ll be worth it. After all, this isn’t just picking up knitting we’re talking about, it's basically like learning a new language!

But if you think this is within your capabilities and you’re interested in the opportunities it offers, why not give it a go? It can equip you with an invaluable skillset and, not to mention, it's a pretty impressive ability to drop into conversation!

So, whether you pursue coding as a job or a skill, the knowledge will enrich your personal and professional growth. Does this sound tempting? Then what are you waiting for!

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