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What Are The Lowest-Salary Graduate Jobs?

What Are The Lowest-Salary Graduate Jobs?

Listen, it’s hard to exit uni and go straight into being a baller. Graduate jobs can be hard to secure. And the truth is, most graduates just haven’t had time to build up the necessary work experience or skillset.

But don’t feel disheartened if you start your career on a lower-paid job. Even Jeff Besos started in his garage. In fact, low-salary graduate roles can be a great way to enter the job market. They offer an ideal starting point to build a solid career foundation.

What Starting Salary Can Graduates Expect?

Remember, there’s no one size fits all for how much graduates are expected to earn!

Those who work for a “Top 100” employer may receive a competitive starting salary of around £30,000. But don’t just take one look at this and assume that’s how much you should be earning as a grad.

In fact, a lot of graduates can expect to earn something closer to a minimum wage salary. And that’s ok! Plenty of roles start low. How fast you climb the career ladder is ultimately up to you.As of April 2023, the minimum wage for those aged 23 and over is £10.42. For a full time job, this would result in an annual salary of around £21,000. Though it may not sound so glamorous, with the right financial planning it’s a solid place to start.

However, if you’ve convinced yourself you definitely want to be a baller, it might be worth staying away from certain industries. It is worth noting that higher paid jobs usually also have high competition. So think carefully about what is important to you.

What Graduate Jobs Have The Lowest Salaries

Customer Service

If you’re someone chatty whose always happy to help, graduate jobs in customer service require excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This is because they primarily involve providing assistance to customers and handling inquiries.

While these roles have low salaries, typically around £19,900, they provide valuable experience in customer service.


Working for non-profit organisations as a policy advisor or support worker usually comes with a smaller paycheck. Graduates may expect a starting pay of a modest £16,000.

But remember, it’s not all about the money! These roles can be super fulfilling and can help you make a positive impact. You could also work your way up the organisation to pursue a higher salary.

While the financial compensation is low, these jobs will be personally and professionally rewarding. They will also build communication, organisation and teamwork skills.


Of course, the marketing sector is a broad and varied one. But graduate jobs on the lower end of this spectrum include things like brand executives and digital communications officers. These positions typically have a starting salary of around £20,500.

However, don’t let low starting salaries stop you! Marketing executives typically progress very quickly. If you keep your head down and work work work, you’ll climb that salary ladder in no time.

Hospitality and Retail

Jobs in hospitality and retail aren’t known for their competitive wages, but they are incredibly flexible. It may not come as a massive surprise that these jobs tend to offer a minimum wage. This includes roles like shop assistants, bartenders, and kitchen staff.

But just because the wage is modest doesn’t mean these jobs aren’t useful to explore. You will gain hands-on experience in customer service, multitasking, and working in a fast-paced environment. The perfect additions to a CV!


Let’s be honest, being on holiday. Planning holidays. It all sounds pretty great. However any grad interested in going into the tourism sector may need to start on a lower-salary. Roles such as consultants and holiday planners can expect a starting salary of around £21,900.

But if you’re interested in this sector, don’t let this deter you! These roles teach valuable interpersonal and communication abilities as well as organisational skills.


The lowest-salary graduate jobs may not offer the most financial compensation. But this doesn’t mean they don’t offer a great starting point for grads! They’re a brilliant place for building experience and gaining valuable skills.

As a graduate, you should view these roles as stepping stones. They are just the first stage of your epic job journey! From here, you can launch your career into whatever you want it to be.

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