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Remote Part-Time Jobs In The UK

Part-Time Remote Jobs In The UK

In a post-Covid world, remote part-time jobs have become more popular than ever before. There’s no longer a need to drag yourself onto a crowded tube and into the office.

In fact, Prograd's algorithm helps you find the perfect side hustle, even if you have no prior work experience! Just fill in our 20 second form to find remote part-time jobs that work for you.

Need a little more inspo? No problem. Here, we break down some of the most popular part-time remote jobs in the UK.

What Part-Time Remote Jobs Are Available In The UK?

Social Media Work

You may love flicking through social media, but have you ever thought of using it to earn an income? Because social media is a key part of marketing, there are plenty of remote part-time roles in this space.

Becoming a social media manager will develop valuable digital marketing and data analysis skills. Particularly if you’re interested in the marketing industry, this would also be a great addition to your CV.

Virtual Assistant

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on virtual support, meaning there is a high demand for virtual assistants (VAs). In fact, VAs help companies manage emails, conduct research, schedule appointments and maintain databases.

This job allows people to work flexible hours. Also, it can help them develop great communication and organisational skills. Another CV tick!

Graphic Designer

For anyone with a creative spark, dive into the world of graphic design! These jobs are highly valued by businesses because of the increasing need for visually appealing content.

If designing brands and assets for websites or social media sounds appealing, this is certainly the remote job for you.

This part-time role gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it and pursue projects you're passionate about.

Online Tutor

There is a wealth of remote opportunities for anyone thinking of becoming an educator. Just sign up for an online platform that can connect you with students in your specialised subject.

Online Researcher

Organisations are always on the lookout for part-time remote researchers. Specifically, this will involve conducting market research, gathering or analysing data, and compiling reports.

As this is all done using online tools and databases, part-time workers can earn cash as a researcher from the comfort of their own sofa!

This part-time job would be perfect for anyone suited to analytic and critical thinking.

Content Writer

If you’re a whizz with the keyboard, this is the perfect part-time role.

These kind of remote part-time jobs are abundant in the digital world. So, why not try your hand at producing blog posts, articles, website copy or social media content?

Occasionally, this job allows people to work on a freelance or piece-by-piece basis. Either way, it will allow you to nurture your creativity and showcase your writing skills.

SEO Specialist

If you're after a remote part-time job that lets you dive into the digital world, becoming an SEO Specialist might just be your calling. In this role, you'll be the wizard behind the curtain, working your magic to boost websites' rankings in search engine results.

It's all about researching those keywords, outsmarting the competition, and making sure everything on the web is ticking the SEO boxes. Perfect for those who love a good puzzle and want to see their efforts translate into real online visibility, all from the comfort of their home.

E-commerce Manager

Ever fancied running an online shop but from your living room? As an E-commerce Manager in a remote part-time job, you'll oversee everything from what's hitting the digital shelves to the buzz of the sales bell.

This gig involves a bit of juggling – think managing product listings, cooking up enticing promotions, and smoothing out the customer journey. It's a brilliant mix of creativity and analysis, ideal for those who get a kick out of driving clicks into customers.

Digital Marketer

In the realm of remote part-time jobs, being a Digital Marketer is like being a conductor of an online symphony. You'll orchestrate campaigns across a variety of stages – from social media to email serenades and beyond, aiming to captivate and convert the audience.

With a knack for crafting compelling content and a finger on the pulse of digital trends, you'll help brands sing in harmony with their target audience. It's a role that's as dynamic as it is creative, perfect for those who think outside the box.

Remote Sales Consultant

Think you can persuade a snowman to buy a scarf? Then a remote part-time job as a Sales Consultant could be right up your alley. Armed with your phone or laptop, you'll reach out to potential clients, showcasing products or services that solve their frostiest problems.

It's about building relationships, understanding needs, and sealing the deal, all without leaving your cosy corner. Ideal for chatterboxes with a competitive streak who love the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a sale well done.

Technical Support Specialist

For the tech-savvy troubleshooters, a remote part-time job as a Technical Support Specialist offers the chance to be a hero from afar. When users are at their wit's end with software snafus or hardware headaches, you'll swoop in with solutions, guiding them through fixes with patience and expertise.

This role is all about keeping cool under pressure and turning tech troubles into triumphs, making it perfect for those who love to solve problems and help others.

Online Community Manager

Fancy being the heart and soul of an online community? As an Online Community Manager in a remote part-time job, you'll spark conversations, moderate discussions, and keep the digital fires of engagement burning.

It's about creating a welcoming space where members feel valued and connected, all while steering the ship towards positive vibes. This gig suits social butterflies with a knack for digital diplomacy and a passion for building vibrant online communities.

Virtual Event Planner

Imagine pulling off stunning events without needing to step outside. That's what you get with a remote part-time job as a Virtual Event Planner. From webinars to virtual galas, you'll plan, promote, and polish events that attendees will talk about, all from the comfort of your own home.

It requires a blend of creativity, technical savvy, and organisational prowess. Ideal for those who love to see their plans come to life and enjoy the buzz of a successful event, minus the sore feet.

Remote Bookkeeper

Got a head for numbers and a love for order? Bookkeeping as a remote part-time job could be your perfect match. You'll keep the financial wheels turning smoothly, handling everything from invoices to balance sheets, all without leaving your home office.

It's a role that demands precision and reliability, making it ideal for those who find satisfaction in spreadsheets and have a keen eye for detail.

Language Translator

If you're fluent in more than one language, why not put your skills to work in a remote part-time job as a Language Translator? You'll transform texts from one language to another, bridging cultures and connecting worlds.

Whether it's websites, documents, or books, your work will help ideas travel far and wide. This role is perfect for linguistic lovers who enjoy the nuances of language and the challenge of finding just the right words.

Data Entry Clerk

For those who find comfort in organisation and have a penchant for precision, a remote part-time job as a Data Entry Clerk could be just the ticket. You'll input and update information with the click of a mouse, turning chaos into order.

It's a straightforward yet crucial task that supports businesses in managing their most important asset – data. Ideal for those who love a routine, have a keen eye for accuracy, and enjoy seeing their work contribute to the bigger picture.

Where Can You Find Remote Part-Time Jobs In The UK?

Gone are the days of trudging around and handing in your CV in person. If you want a remote part-time job, you’ll just need to surf the web to find one.

The most effective way of doing this is having a look at online job portals. These are designed to advertise a number of suitable remote part-time jobs based on your skills.

By using online job portals, you can find the best remote part-time role for you.


As the job market evolves, the world of remote work isn’t going anywhere. So, why not take advantage of this? A remote part-time job may be just the thing for you.

Any of these jobs will provide you with the opportunity to work from home whilst earning an income. But besides their convenience, these roles will also develop valuable lifelong skills.

So, if you’re looking for a flexible and fulfilling career, just turn to the web to find the best remote prospects for you.

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