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An Interview With Daniel Rose CEO at Doshi App


Tell us about yourself

I'm the founder and CEO of Doshi, a gamified financial education platform that鈥檚 helping people of all ages change their relationship with money. I founded Doshi in 2021 after years of figuring out how to be financially independent whilst working for some of the biggest brands on building loyalty programmes and gamified experiences.

And Doshi, we help banks, credit unions and fintechs in building fun and interactive learning experiences for their customers so they have to worry less about their everyday finances. That is a hugely rewarding experience for me!

What is the best financial decision you ever made?

After taking some finance classes in university, I got really interested in tech and bought a basket of tech stocks (Apple, Google, Meta, and Amazon), which I hold on to despite experiencing multiple bear markets.

What I learned was that you need time and patience for great investments to play out, as long as you have a solid investment thesis.

What financial advice do you wish someone had given you when you were a university student

I was always passionate about entrepreneurship, but only started a business 10 years after leaving university, in part because I was afraid to make mistakes and thought that I needed to get the necessary experience.

As it turns out, nothing prepares you to become an entrepreneur. The point is that you should not be afraid to start something - life is too short for that! And if you work towards something you really enjoy, you will be able to monetise it.

Money is an extension of becoming better at what you do and leveraging your expertise into investments where you have domain expertise or network.

What advice would you give to students looking to set themselves up financiallytoday?

Setting yourself up financially requires discipline. The problem is that this is really hard in college, as there are so many distractions. So what I recommend to students is to always pay themselves first. That means, regardless of how much money you make, set aside an amount that you put away every month and invest it into an ETF.

Even if it鈥檚 just 5 pounds. Just by investing a small amount every month over a long period of time, you will be able to take advantage of the market and reap the benefits.

My second piece of advice - Whenever you want to buy something, wait 24 hours. If you still want it the next day then you can consider buying it, otherwise you are just following your short-term desires vs. your long-term goal of building financial wealth.

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