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How to Manage Your Accommodation Costs at University


University life awaits, and so does the rent struggle. But fear not - we know a thing or two to make this dreaded prospect smooth sailing. Welcome to the guide that’ll help you finesse the accommodation maze.

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How Do You Choose Student Accommodation?

Let’s kick it off with the basics: How to choose the best student accommodation.

Think location. Is there public transportation access nearby so you can commute to university? What about a gym or supermarket?

Then think of amenities and other handy features - parking, smart energy features, good storage space - all those extras that make life easier.

And of course, budget. Don't let those fancy apartments tempt you. On a student budget, this probably isn’t realistic. Sorry guys, but you’ll thank yourself for being sensible!

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What Are The Next Steps To Renting Student Accommodation?

You’ve chosen a student accommodation, time to sign the dotted line. This is what’s known as a rental agreement - a sacred contract with the agency or individual renting out the property.

Read it, understand it, and if needed, ask for a second opinion so you can be sure it’s a fair deal. It defines lease duration, tenancy agreements, rules, and that kinda thing in the sneaky fine print which yes, you do need to read.

It will also clear up the legal rights and responsibilities of the tenant versus the landlord’s responsibilities. For example, maintenance and repairs. Stuff breaks; it’s inevitable. But whose job will it be to fix it? Typically this is down to the landlord, so if anything does go south don’t hesitate to reach out.

But not everything is the landlord’s responsibility. Understand all the tenant rights and eviction laws that can get lost in the fine print. This will be your shield against any housing villainy.

Speaking of landlords, they can seem big and scary, right? To bridge that gap, effective communication is key. If there’s anything you don’t understand or feel is unfair, don’t be scared to bring this up, even negotiate! You deserve to have a happy tenancy, after all.

Now, the not-so-fun part: deposits and rent advances. Yeah, it stings, but this is a must to get your property on lockdown.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Typically, a rent advance now means you won’t need to pay it later, and part of your deposit may be returned at the end of the tenancy if nothing gets wrecked by all those student parties.

Speaking of damage, make sure to get renters’ insurance! This will protect your belongings from theft, fire, or that disastrous burnt toast incident. It's a small investment for peace of mind.

How To Rent On A Student Budget?

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There aren’t many financial perks to being a student, but housing can be an exception! Keep an eye out for student discounts and benefits like no council tax, discounted utilities, and even cheaper internet.

Your community might also have your back. Community resources such as support services, job opportunities, and food banks are there for you, so keep your eyes peeled. Your community might have more to offer than you think.

Now, let's talk cash-strapped student strategies.

Budgeting for rent is gonna become your new norm. Calculate your income to set a realistic rent cap. If you’re a bit of a scatterbrain with money, download a budgeting app to keep you on track.

To keep those rent costs down, consider the roommate option. Splitting rent and utilities with roomies can be a financial lifesaver and, as long as you choose wisely, a lot of fun!

Subletting is another good move. If cash is tight, consider renting out that extra room. Just make sure to check the tenancy agreement first. Some landlords are chill, others not so much.

And let’s not forget the magic of budget-friendly furnishing. Not only is this hip but second-hand shops and hand-me-downs are way more affordable, so make sure to check them out.

While you’re at it, lighting doesn’t have to be expensive so seek out cheaper options. Energy-efficient appliances like LED bulbs are not only great for the planet but can help you save on energy bills. And for heaven's sake, remember to switch lights off and unplug that charger!

This will help to keep utility costs down - that’s electricity, gas and water for all your renting newbies. These costs can sneak up on you, so do thorough research beforehand to choose affordable providers and make sure to budget so no utility bill gets you down.

Still, it never hurts to be prepared, right? When it comes to student renting, it's all about emergency preparedness. Create an emergency fund for all those unexpected rental costs life can hit you with so no catastrophe will leave you scraping the bottom of the bank barrel.

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Renting smart is the key to unlocking a stress-free uni experience. With these simple hacks, you’re student accommodation journey will be smooth sailing. May your rent be low, your roommates great, and your Wi-Fi forever strong!!

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