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Best Apps For Students To Earn Money In 2024


Need to earn some extra cash? No problem, we have the lowdown on all the best apps for students to earn money in 2024.

In fact, almost half of Brits (44%) have a side hustle, so it's no surprise you're on the hunt to make money moves.

Living the uni life can be a rollercoaster of emotions. From the highs of newfound independence to the lows of a perpetually empty wallet. But fear not, because, in the digital age, there are apps for everything - including making that moolah without sacrificing your study time.

If you are looking for the best apps to earn money, look no further. Prograd's algorithm matches you with hundreds of earning opportunities to help you fill your wallet from the comfort of your home. Simply fill in our 10-second form and get started today.

Need some more inspo? Buckle up, because we've got the lowdown on the best apps for students to earn some extra pounds.

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Can Students Use Apps To Earn Money?

These days, it’s probably no surprise that some apps let you rake in some cash. Still, as a strapped student, it may never have crossed your mind to use apps for this purpose. After all, you’re probably busy with all those lectures and pub trips.

Whether this is the first you’re hearing of apps for students to earn money, or it’s been something you’ve been meaning to jump into, there’s no time like the present!

We know that all students could do with some extra pocket money. So, without further ado, here’s our rundown of some of the best apps for students to cash in on.

What Are The Best Apps For Students to Earn Money?

Prograd: Finance Your Future

Prograd's algorithm matches you with hundreds of earning opportunities to help you fill your wallet from the comfort of your home. What more do you want from an app to earn money? Whether you want to earn through writing, admin or anything else. Prograd has hundreds of options.

Simply fill in our 10-second form and get started today.

Roamler: Mystery Shopper Extraordinaire

Ever wanted to be a secret agent without all the danger? Roamler lets you become a mystery shopper.

Check out local shops, complete missions, and get paid for your sleuthing skills. It's a fun way to explore your student city while making some cash on the side.


  • Offers a fun and engaging way to earn money by completing missions as a mystery shopper.
  • Allows you to explore different parts of your student city while earning.
  • Flexible schedule - work whenever you're available.


  • Income can be inconsistent depending on the availability of missions in your area.
  • Some tasks may require travel, incurring additional costs.
  • Might not offer enough missions to significantly boost your income.

Toluna: Share Your Opinions, Earn Rewards

Your opinion matters, and Toluna knows it. Take surveys, participate in polls, and share your thoughts on everything from fashion to food. In return, you'll earn points that can be cashed in for gift cards or cold, hard cash. Your opinions, your rules, your money!


  • Easy way to earn money or rewards by sharing your opinions on various topics.
  • Flexible participation from anywhere, fitting easily around your studies.
  • Rewards include gift cards and cash, offering versatility in how you receive your earnings.


  • Rewards might be low for the time investment in completing surveys and polls.
  • There may be a delay in receiving rewards after completing surveys.
  • Qualifying for surveys can sometimes be difficult, depending on your demographic profile.

Deliveroo: Turn Pedals into Profits

If you've got a bike and a love for the open road, why not become a Deliveroo rider? Cruise through the streets, delivering deliciousness to hungry folks and earning some extra dough. Plus, you can cycle off all those student pints and get your daily dose of exercise. That’s multitasking for the win!


  • Provides an active way to earn money by delivering food on your bike.
  • Flexibility to work according to your own schedule.
  • Combines earning with physical exercise.


  • Income can be unpredictable, as it depends on the number of deliveries and tips.
  • Working in adverse weather conditions can be challenging.
  • The job requires physical exertion, which might be tiring alongside academic responsibilities.

Vinted: Sell Your Style, Pocket the Profits

Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, but your wallet is looking sad. What to do? Enter Vinted.

Vinted is a fashion marketplace where you can sell your pre-loved clothes. Clean out your closet, snap some pics, and let someone else get your style while you pocket the pounds. Sustainable and profitable - that’s the kind of maths any student should like.


  • Allows you to make money by selling pre-loved clothes, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Easy to use platform for listing and selling items.
  • Clears out your wardrobe and earns you money simultaneously.


  • Sales are not guaranteed; items might not sell quickly or at the desired price.
  • Requires effort to manage listings, communicate with buyers, and ship items.
  • Commission fees may reduce the total profit from sales.

TaskRabbit: Get Stuff Done, Get Paid

If you're a pro at assembling IKEA furniture or have a knack for fixing things, TaskRabbit is your new best friend. List your skills, pick up odd jobs in your area, and watch the cash flow. It's a pretty easy gig, and you’ll become a superhero of odd jobs. And (ofc) you get paid for it!


  • Offers a wide range of tasks, from handyman services to moving assistance, allowing for diverse earning opportunities.
  • You can set your rates and work on tasks that match your skills.
  • Flexible work schedule based on your availability and preferences.


  • Competition with other Taskers might make it challenging to get started or secure jobs.
  • Income depends on the demand for your services in your area.
  • May require you to have tools or equipment for certain tasks.

Upwork: Unleash Your Freelance Superpowers

Are you a wordsmith, graphic guru, or coding genius? Upwork is the place to showcase your skills and connect with people looking for your expertise.

From writing essays to designing logos, there's a gig for everyone. Just set your rate, deliver top-notch work, and watch the positive reviews - and cash - pile up.


  • Access to a global marketplace with a wide range of freelance opportunities.
  • Flexibility to work on projects that match your skills and interests.
  • Ability to set your rates and grow your freelance business over time.


  • Competition can be intense, especially for new freelancers without established reputations.
  • Fees deducted by Upwork from earnings can be significant.
  • Building a steady stream of work may take time and effort.

Etsy: Get Creative with Handmade

If you’re a little more creative, then you should definitely get on Etsy. This app is the OG for selling handmade, vintage, custom and other unique items.

Not only could it be a lot of fun to DIY stuff to sell (a nice break from studying) but you get to run your own little business. Pretty cool gig for a student.

  • Platform dedicated to creative and unique items, ideal for artists and crafters.
  • Opportunity to turn a hobby into a profitable venture.
  • Offers a sense of community with other creators and customers.


  • Marketplace is competitive, requiring effort to stand out.
  • Costs associated with listing and selling items, including transaction and payment processing fees.
  • Requires time for creating products, managing the shop, and customer service.

Swagbucks: The Jack-of-All-Trades

First up is Swagbucks, the site where you can earn money and gift cards for doing... well, a bunch of stuff you probably do online anyway. From taking surveys to watching videos, shopping online, or even playing games, Swagbucks rewards you for it.


  • Versatile ways to earn points, keeping things interesting.
  • Rewards are in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash, offering flexibility.
  • Easy to use in your spare time, fitting nicely around study schedules.


  • Earning significant amounts can take time, as rewards for individual tasks are relatively small.
  • Some tasks may not be as engaging or may feel repetitive over time.
  • The site can be overwhelming at first, given the myriad of ways to earn points.

Fiverr: Showcase Your Freelance Services

Next, we have Fiverr, the gig economy's marketplace that lets you offer pretty much any service you can think of. Whether it's graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translations, or even quirky things like birthday song recordings, Fiverr lets you list it.


  • Great platform for showcasing a wide range of skills and services.
  • You set your prices and terms, giving you control over your work and earnings.
  • Potential to build a portfolio and long-term client relationships.


  • Highly competitive, making it hard to get noticed initially.
  • Fiverr takes a 20% commission on your earnings, which can feel steep.
  • Managing client expectations and revisions can be challenging, especially at lower price points.

Rev: Earn By Transcribing

Then there's Rev, a platform for those who have a good ear and fast fingers.

If you're good at listening and typing, you can make money transcribing audio files or captioning videos. It's a bit niche but perfect for those who prefer a more straightforward task.


  • Flexible work schedule; pick up tasks as you please.
  • Good way to improve listening and typing skills.
  • Payments are straightforward, with a clear rate per audio minute transcribed.


  • Pay rates can be low for beginners, requiring time to work up to better-paying projects.
  • Transcribing can be monotonous and requires a high level of concentration and accuracy.
  • Some audio files can be challenging to transcribe due to poor quality or heavy accents.

Chegg Tutors: Teach and Earn

Chegg Tutors offers a brilliant way for those who excel academically to earn by tutoring students online. Whether you're a math wizard, a science guru, or a literature aficionado, Chegg connects you with students in need of your expertise.


  • Flexible scheduling lets you tutor around your classes and personal commitments.
  • Competitive pay rates, with the potential for bonuses based on performance and feedback.
  • Provides a platform to enhance your tutoring skills and build your resume.


  • Requires commitment and preparation to provide high-quality tutoring sessions.
  • May have fluctuations in demand for tutors, depending on the time of year and subjects you can teach.
  • Requires passing a subject test and sometimes a background check, which might be a barrier for some.

Redbubble: Sell Your Art Online

For the creatively inclined, Redbubble allows artists to sell their designs on a wide range of products, from t-shirts and stickers to phone cases and wall art. Simply upload your artwork, and Redbubble handles the printing, shipping, and customer service.


  • Offers a passive income stream once your designs are uploaded.
  • Free to use; artists set their own profit margins on top of the base price of products.
  • A great way to gain exposure for your artwork on a global platform.


  • Competitive marketplace; standing out requires high-quality designs and effective marketing.
  • Your earnings depend on your markup and the popularity of your designs.
  • Redbubble takes a base price for manufacturing, which can eat into profit margins.

Rover: Get Paid To Pet Sit

Rover is perfect for animal lovers. It connects pet sitters and dog walkers with pet owners who need someone to look after their furry friends. Whether it's dog walking, pet sitting, or boarding, Rover makes it easy to earn money doing something you love.


  • Flexible work hours based on your availability and the pet owner's needs.
  • Enables you to spend time with animals, which can be a great stress reliever.
  • The platform offers insurance and support, providing peace of mind for both sitters and pet owners.


  • Building a client base can take time and requires trust and positive reviews.
  • Income can be inconsistent, especially when starting out or during off-peak times.
  • Responsibilities can be significant, especially with pet sitting or boarding, as you're caring for a living being.


So there you have it! Whether you're a coding whizz, a fashionista, or just someone looking to make a few extra quid, there's an app for you.

Go on and embrace the digital hustle, explore the best apps for students to earn money and make money moves. It’s all about being able to balance your study grind with your money-making pursuits. It's time to show the world that being a broke student is so last term!

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