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Freelance Job Ideas For University Students

Freelance Job Ideas For University Students

Unfortunately, student life isn’t exactly renowned for allowing you to accumulate stacks of cash. However, freelance jobs are a great way to juggle work and play during your time at university. Especially when you have to make time for coursework, lectures, and of course, trips to the pub.

If you find yourself needing work but wanting to keep things casual, the good news is that a formal job is not the only option. Freelancing offers a flexible way to earn money whilst gaining valuable experience and skills.

What Is A Freelance Job?

Instead of being employed by a company, freelancing is a type of self-employment. Freelancers tend to deliver their services on a contract or project basis. It means being your own #boss and pursuing projects that interest you.

A big perk of being a freelancer is that it is far more flexible than a contracted role. However, this also means that you won’t receive the perks of a working contract. In real terms, this means no holiday pay and being responsible for paying your own taxes.

If the idea of freelancing sounds appealing, you might be thinking: which freelance jobs can I do at uni?

What Freelance Jobs Are Good For University Students?


Knowing a second language is always a useful skill in the world of work. In freelancing, this is no exception. If you are fluent in another language, put it to use in freelance interpreting.

Several sectors including the UK public sector are always in need of over-the-phone translation services.

Content Writer or Copywriter

Plenty of companies look for copywriters to produce eye-catching content for them. So, if you have a knack for writing punchy and memorable text, you may be just what they’re looking for.

And there are plenty of freelance writing you could try your hand at. These include writing engaging blog posts, social media, website copy or journalism.

Whatever turns your fancy, freelance writing is a great way to hone your writing skills and build a portfolio of published work.


Do you have a passion for photography and own a quality camera? Then take a shot at becoming a freelance photographer! (excuse the pun!)

You can offer your services in professional portraits, product photography, creating UGC or events like weddings and birthdays. All you need to do is advertise yourself on social media to showcase your work and attract clientele.

Particularly if you want to go into the creative industry, this job will help you build a valuable portfolio. Not to mention, it’s always enjoyable to earn income from a passion!

Social Media Management

Although it may seem shocking, social media is useful for more things than posting your holiday pics. Today, it plays a crucial part in company marketing.

Businesses often require help with managing their social media accounts. If you’re savvy with platforms like TikTok Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, consider offering freelance management services.

This will involve creating and scheduling content, engaging with followers, and analysing social media metrics.

This is a great way for a student to gain experience in digital marketing. As a freelance social media manager, a student can build a track record of successful campaigns.

Web Development and Design

Becoming a freelance web developer or designer can be a lucrative job for students. If you have coding skills or a creative eye for design, you can help businesses build or revamp their websites. You may do this by offering services including website creation, customisation, or troubleshooting.


Freelancing can allow you to earn money while managing your academic commitments. And, with the rise in remote work, there is plenty of this kind of work around. Just look through online platforms to find the freelance job that is suitable for you.

With some dedication, freelancing can not only provide a flexible income. It can also become a fulfilling and rewarding experience to help build your CV.

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