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Best Credit Cards For Students

how to find the best credit card as a student

So, you've hit that exciting stage in life where you're gearing up for student life or maybe you're already living it. Time to start adulting, right? One of the key tools in your financial arsenal is a credit card.

But which one should you choose? If you’re wondering this then you’ve come to the right place. Time to break down the best credit cards for students - to build credit, score sweet perks, and maybe even earn some cash back.

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Why Do Students Need Credit Cards?

Students need credit cards for the flex, the build credit game, and those cashback perks!

It's like a starter pack for adulting and a great way to establish your credit history, which comes in clutch for future goals like renting apartments or getting loans.

Plus, with the right card, you can score some sick cashback deals on everyday purchases. So, it's basically a win-win for levelling up your financial game!

What Are The Best Credit Cards for Students?

NatWest Student Credit Card

First up is the NatWest Student Credit Card. This one goes out to anybody who’s already got a NatWest Student Account, as this is a must to get their credit card. Or, if you don’t have a NatWest Account, maybe it’s time to get one!

NatWest knows the student hustle. Their credit card comes with no annual fees, and they offer a manageable credit limit. Plus, you can track your spending with their handy app.

TSB Student Credit Card

The TSB Student Credit Card is available to current student bank account holders. And, although it offers a higher minimum credit limit, the representative APR is also higher.

This handy student credit card has no annual fees and a 56-day interest-free billing period until your balances are cleared. Sounds pretty good, right?

HSBC Student Credit Card

If you're a globetrotter, HSBC's Student Credit Card is a solid choice. You can use it abroad with no foreign transaction fees.

Plus, it offers up to 56 days interest-free on purchases, helping you stretch your student budget a little further.

RBS Student Credit Card

The RBS Student Credit Card is your go-to if you're already rolling with an RBS student bank account.

Again, this card gives you 56 days interest-free if you keep your balance in check. But the best part? No extra costs, so you can save those pounds to go towards your fabulous student life.

Barclaycard Forward

Although this isn't a dedicated student credit card, it’s designed to help you build credit. This makes it perfect for any student starting out their credit journey.

You do need an annual income to have this card, making it perfect for any student with a part-time job. But, as a Barclaycard customer, you’ll get access to early-release tickets for gigs, theatre and other events, as well as exclusive discounts. Heck yeah!

Tesco Foundation Credit Card

Tesco Bank offers an introductory credit card that’s made for building credit. So, although it’s not designed for students specifically, it’s kinda perfect for that student life.

This one has no annual fees, a good credit limit, and, as a Tesco product, you can earn Clubcard points on purchases. Your student food shop is gonna love you for that one.


Whether you're all about cash back, rewards, or building credit, hopefully, one of these cards will sound like a little bit of you. Just remember, getting a credit card can be great for a student, but always read the fine print!

Pay attention to interest rates, fees, and credit limits. And, most importantly, use your credit card responsibly. They’re a powerful financial tool that can be both a blessing and a curse. After all, with great financial power comes great financial responsibility - so use it wisely!

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