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Best Current Accounts For Postgraduates


Looking for the right postgraduate current account can be tricky.

As postgrad students embark on their academic journey, there’s lots to look forward to. Just think - even more hours of studying and hard work to complete! Just kidding. Being a postgraduate is a lot of fun and a hugely rewarding experience.

But this isn’t to say being a postgrad doesn’t come with its hardships. So, why not do what you can to make your financial life a little easier?

By opting for a good current account, postgraduates can take the stress out of banking. This gives plenty more time for studying and, obviously, drinking even more overpriced pints!

Why Are Current Accounts Important For Postgraduates?

There’s no getting away from it - higher education comes with a hefty price tag. From tuition fees to research materials to social activities, things can add up pretty quickly!

To handle these demands, postgrads need a reliable current account to cater to their needs.

Lots of current accounts are designed to make postgrads' lives that little bit easier. They often offer handy features such as generous overdrafts, low-interest rates and discounts.

Whilst tools exist to help people find the best account of them, we’ve listed some of the best current accounts for postgraduates around.

Best Current Accounts For Postgraduates

NatWest Graduate Account

This current account is specifically designed for recent graduates. This makes it a fitting option for postgraduates transitioning into the professional world.

This account also offers tons of great features essential for any postgrad. It comes with a 3-year fee-free overdraft, giving postgraduates some breathing space during financially challenging times!

This overdraft limit starts low and increases every year. This gives postgraduates ample time to find their footing.

Finally, NatWest offers a sparkling range of exclusive deals and discounts. Result! This allows postgraduates to manage their cash efficiently while enjoying an array of perks.

Santander 1|2|3 Current Account

Santander is another excellent choice for postgraduates. Its 1|2|3 current account is perfect for anyone wanting to make the most of their money.

This account offers cashback on various essential expenditures. This includes 1% on water bills, 2% on gas and electricity bills, and 3% on mobile and broadband bills.

Let's face it - no one likes paying bills, especially not students! With Santander, postgrads can maintain a comfortable living space while reducing their monthly expenses. Believe us, this is pretty useful.

On top of this, the account provides interest on balances up to a certain amount. This allows postgrads to earn a little extra on their savings. Yay!

Nationwide FlexGraduate Account

Nationwide’s FlexGraduate Account is another strong contender. It offers a fee-free overdraft for the first year after graduation, providing a smooth transition into postgraduate life.

Not only this, but Nationwide offers competitive interest rates on their FlexGraduate Account. This enables postgrads to earn more on their savings without the burden of monthly fees.

Any postgraduate needs to be thinking about saving for life after uni. So, this will really come in handy!

Barclays Student Additions Account

Barclays has long been a popular choice among students - and for good reason! Don’t let its name mislead you, this account is great for postgraduates as well.

The initial Barclays overdraft is higher than many other banks, giving postgrads all the wiggle room they need.

It also grants access to the Barclays Blue Rewards scheme, allowing users to earn cash rewards each month. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Lloyds Bank Graduate Account

Lloyds Graduate Account is tailored to meet all the needs of a postgraduate.

It comes with a tiered overdraft, with the first year offering a higher limit. This can offer support when postgrads need it most. And believe us, you’ll want all the support you can get!

Moreover, Lloyds Bank provides access to their exclusive “Everyday Offers” programme. This enables postgraduates to earn cashback rewards on eligible purchases.

Of course, rewards aren’t the be-all-all and end-all, but they certainly help - right?


Yes, we know - it’s very tempting to choose the current account that offers the best rewards and free stuff. But don’t fall into this honey trap!

As a postgraduate, whether you like it or not, you’re nearly in the real working world. This means it would be a good time to put your sensible cap on. It’s important to choose a current account because it’s the best fit for you all-round.

Luckily, any of these current accounts should perfectly fit the bill. Between them, any postgraduate can find not only the best current account, but the best account for them!

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