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The Best Summer Jobs For Students

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Summer jobs are a great way for students to get some work experience.

Summer breaks can mean vastly different things for different people. For some, it’s a time to relax, soak up the sun, and just chill. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. For others, it’s a matter of earning some extra money to pay off student debt or student life in general.

While it makes total sense that you’d want to relax all summer long, it’s not always up to you. Either you’re not in a position to take advantage of summer, or maybe you want to level up your employment game.

But finding a summer job can be intimidating. Don’t sweat it. We’ve scoped out the best jobs that strike the perfect balance between professional growth and allowing time for seasonal fun.

Why Is It Important For Students To Get Summer Jobs?

Summer jobs can be a great way to develop skills outside of the classroom. It’s a great way to get some work experience which is super useful when you leave university.

Beyond personal and professional growth, the main reason one might get a summer job is the fact that everyone needs money to survive & enjoy life. This is likely the driving force behind you getting a summer job. Respect. Uni students gotta eat.

Where Can I Find A Summer Job?

If you decide that you want a summer job, the first thing to do is think about what you're looking for.

Whether you want regular income, an internship, or flexible work, deciding this early on can help focus the search process. While it’s great to have your own criteria for what kind of summer job you want, it’s important not to be overly picky.

Once you know what you want, start looking at job platforms and university career offices. These are great places to start your search.

What Are The Best Summer Jobs For Students?

First, if you are considering getting any summer job, you have to be organised and start your applications early.

Deadlines for summer work experience placements tend to fall between January and April. If you’re considering working abroad, you need to be even more prepared. Let’s take a look at some of the best summer jobs for students:


For those serious about using their summer to gain industry-specific knowledge, internships are a great option.

A lot of companies offer summer jobs for students, which provide them with hands-on experience and networking opportunities.

So, whatever sector you want to pursue, applying for internships will help you build up valuable experience for your future career. The biggest downside to internships is that a lot of them are unpaid internships. This makes them more about the experience than it does about income.

Retail or Hospitality

Lots of businesses, including places like restaurants, clothing stores and bars, look to employ some extra hands during the busy summer period.

Retail and hospitality can be great options for those looking for regular work. Not only do they provide a steady income, but they also allow you to develop your customer service and business experience. Of course, we can’t deny that retail and hospitality can be a major drag on your summer. There’s no denying how draining retail and hospitality can be on the soul. The one upside besides making some money is that you can make some friends in retail and hospitality. These kinds of jobs offer a great way to meet new people and make new friends which is always nice to have as a uni student.

Depending on which retail or hospitality spot you manage to work for, you might find that there’s a decent balance between work and leisure. Just be prepared for it to be more of a work-hard type of summer.

University Jobs

Whilst you may forget about your university campus in the summer months, by staying on-site, you could take advantage of the temporary jobs that are available during this period because nothing says a summer off from university like working on campus.

These campuses will have cafes, libraries and bars that need extra hands. Just visit your university’s job shop to find out what's available over the summer season.

Teaching English

If you fancy a summer abroad (don’t we all!), teaching English as a foreign language can be a great way to combine a summer job with a trip overseas.

If you have a degree, you can apply to complete a teaching certificate through platforms like TEFL. Once completed, simply search for international TEFL opportunities around the world to take part in. This is one of the better summer jobs because it gives you life experience while also providing you with a means to make a decent income.

Find Online Work

For those wanting to maximise income and remain flexible, online work is a great option.

Whether it's writing, tutoring or surveys, working online allows you to work at the time and pace that suits you. If you're unsure where to start, job platforms can be a great tool for finding the right role. These platforms allow you to search relevant listings and find the jobs that suit your interests and time. Most online work opportunities are also relatively easy, making it a great way to work during your summer break while also finding a way to enjoy yourself too.

Local Attractions

Wherever you live, there will likely be a local attraction or event nearby this summer. Whether it's a music festival or food event, you can apply to work there as part of the crew.

These roles are often very flexible and allow you to experience new things. Considering it’s more casual work, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer while also making money here and there for certain events. You may even get perks like free tickets, allowing you to save on entertainment and earn money simultaneously!


While everyone wants to enjoy their summer, it’s hard to deny that it’s a great time to try and earn extra cash, or if you’re that kind of person, gain some work experience. There are so many opportunities out there that are worth taking advantage of this summer break.

You’ll find that not all summer jobs have to be boring. Look for something that excites you, even if it’s a little. But don’t leave it too late. Start preparing for a summer job way ahead of time, especially if you plan on going abroad.

Secure your spot in a summer job that works for you!

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