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How To Write A CV With No Experience


We can all agree that getting a job can be a right pickle. Especially when you’re starting out, it can seem like a long and gruelling mountain to climb. And the first step on this journey? Writing a CV.

This can leave you in a bit of a sticky situation if you have yet to gain work experience. You need work experience to get a job, but you need a job to get work experience. Great.

It may feel like a frustrating situation. But a CV isn’t all about highlighting your employment experience. These handy documents also showcase your other achievements, skills, education, volunteering, and interests.

With a little innovation, there’s no reason you’re CV can’t stand out from the crowd - even with no experience!

Just pull up a chair and listen up to our CV tips and tricks.

How Should You Write A CV With No Experience?

Start With Your Transferable Skills

Now, normally, a CV will begin with your work experience. But this doesn’t mean your CV shouldn’t start with a bang!

Instead, begin by highlighting your transferable skills. Think of this as a sort of personal statement. Emphasise your skills and enthusiasm for the industry you’re applying for.

Have a good think about what you’ve accomplished through academic or extracurricular activities. Then, make sure to provide specific examples of how these have helped you develop useful skills.

Did you play a part in any voluntary organisations? This can demonstrate leadership and communication skills. Do you write a blog in your spare time? This can demonstrate writing and editorial abilities.

Highlight Your Education

With no experience, your education is even more important to identify. Whether you’re a recent grad or still in education, pop this section in and make sure it's nice and detailed.

This means highlighting any academic achievements, awards, and stand-out grades. If you have any coursework that’s relevant to the job, for example, a project on fashion marketing, definitely stick that in.

Don’t be afraid to show off here! This isn’t the time to be shy about those A*’s and awards. Time to brag a little!

Voluntary and Extracurricular Activities

Here’s a section that can really make that CV shine! Involvement in voluntary work and extracurricular activities can demonstrate commitment to learning and leadership potential.

And don’t just note these down, really get into the nitty-gritty details! This means highlighting the tasks you undertook and the skills you acquired.

Emphasise Achievements And Interests

Finally, give that CV a little character! Mention any additional skills, achievements or interests to impress the reader.

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt and don’t cram your CV. Always be selective and ensure everything you include is relevant to the job.

Are you a whizz in computer coding, languages, or graphic design? Don’t be shy to include hobbies and interests that demonstrate qualities like teamwork or creativity.

How Can Your CV Stand Out Without Experience?

With no experience, the idea of making a CV may feel pretty scary. And not just making a CV, but making a great CV that stands out from the crowd. This may seem like a tough task, especially because universities and schools don’t tend to teach this stuff.

Luckily, we have a few titbits to get that CV up to scratch.

First, to make your CV stand out even with no experience, is the format and presentation. Make sure your CV is tidy and well-organised. Use a professional-looking font and clear headings for each section. No one likes a scruffy-looking CV!

Another tip is to tailor your CV for each application. Though you can send off the same CV for a bunch of different job applications, this isn’t the best idea. Each CV should highlight why you are the best person for that job in particular.

Finally, check, then double-check, then triple-check! Make sure there are no grammatical errors or typos. Also ensure your CV maintains a positive attitude and displays an eagerness to learn, grow, and contribute to the company.

Remember, an employer will want to see a can-do attitude as well as good spelling!


We’re not denying that writing a CV with no experience can be a challenge. But it is entirely achievable, especially if you carefully follow our tips.

If you’re feeling down about having no experience, remember that valuable skills are not just found in the world of work. A company will value you for your transferable skills, achievements, and dedicated attitude.

Everyone starts from somewhere and, with persistence, you can land the opportunity you seek. So, just follow our tips, and good luck on the first step of your career journey!

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