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How Does Cashback Work?

how to get cashback

We all know the struggle of wanting to ball out but having to come back with that reality check. Well, guess what? Cashback is here to save the day! Let's dive into the deets of how this magical money-making hack works and how you can flex those dollars without breaking the bank.

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What Is Cashback?

So, what exactly is cashback, anyway? Let’s get into it. Cashback is like getting paid to shop - literally.

When you make a purchase, a small percentage of the amount you spent comes back to you in the form of cold, hard cash. It's the ultimate win-win, and who doesn't love some extra cash in their wallet?

What's The Best Way to Get Cashback?

First things first - a good way to start building up cashback is by getting yourself a cashback credit card.

These bad boys offer a percentage of your purchase back as cash rewards. Whether it's food, gas, or that late-night online shopping spree, you're earning while you're spending. Just remember to pay off that balance each month - no one needs those interest vibes.

And there’s an app for everything, right? Well, cashback is no exception.

Download cashback apps before you embark on your online shopping adventures. These apps partner with retailers to give you a slice of that spending pie back in cash or gift cards. Cha-ching!

What Are The Benefits of Cashback?

  • Online Shopping - Brace yourself for the online cashback extravaganza. Retailers often team up with cashback platforms, so when you shop through these platforms, you get a percentage of your purchase back. It's like being paid to be a savvy shopper.
  • Time to Dine - Use cashback apps when you hit up your fave restaurants. Link your card, eat like a king, and watch the cashback roll in. It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself to that extra guac or dessert.
  • Travel in Style - Jetting off somewhere? Cash in on cashback when you book your flights, hotels, or rental cars. Websites like Expedia or often have cashback deals, giving you a little something back for funding your next adventure.
  • Loyalty Programmes - Join the loyalty programs of your go-to stores. Many of them offer cashback rewards or points that can be converted into cash. It's like being rewarded for your loyalty - literally.
  • Stack Those Savings - Stack your cashback strategies. Use a cashback credit card, shop through a cashback app, and take advantage of retailer promotions. It's like a cashback triple threat that'll have your wallet thanking you.

Those are just a few examples of where cashback really comes in handy. But make sure to always keep an eye out for special promotions and offers. Cashback platforms often run limited-time deals or double cashback events. Stay in the loop, and you could score some major cashback wins.

And, also keep your eye on any referral bonuses you can get with cashback apps. Some platforms offer referral bonuses. Share the love with your friends, and when they sign up using your link, you both get a little extra cash in your accounts. It's like building your own cashback empire.


So, there you have it, guys - cashback. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your money work for you. Just remember to stay patient with it and keep your eye on the ball! Especially if you’re new to using cashback, you may forget to opt for it when you go on your shopping sprees.

Don’t worry, once you get in the habit, there’ll be no going back from cashback! You can get that shopping flowing whilst turning every purchase into a flex-worthy financial move. Now that’s the kind of money maths we like to hear!

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