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What Are The Best Jobs For University Students?


In desperate need of money but also have a university timetable to keep up with? Well, like it or not, you’ll probably need to face the music and opt for the most obvious solution. Getting a student job.

Before this makes you think - ‘get a job? No way! A job will ruin my time as a student!’ just hear us out. There are actually plenty of great jobs out there for university students. Phew!

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But, just to get the ball rolling, why don’t we give you some suggestions to get you going?

What Should Students Look For In A Job?

Getting a job as a university student can be a little tricky. After all, it needs to coincide with studying and keeping up with that infamous student social life!

But this by no means makes it impossible. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind when picking a student job.

First things first, it’ll need to be a type of part-time or freelance job. This is because there’s no way you’ll be able to keep up a full time job alongside your studies. No lecturer will be pleased if you start skipping classes to work, and your grades certainly won’t thank you!

The work schedule will need to be flexible. That’s our most important rule. So, you’ll either want a job where you can work weekends or evenings. Or, you might want to consider getting a remote job. These are pretty perfect because you can choose your own hours and work from the comfort of home.

So, that’s that all sorted! Now it’s time to find not just any student job, but the best job for you.

What Are The Best Jobs For University Students?

When you imagine a student job, you might think of horrible long hours toiling away on overnight shifts. But just because you need to work alongside your studies doesn’t mean a university job can’t be fun!

Just pull up a chair and listen up. We’re about to hit you with some serious job inspiration!

Campus Jobs

Lots of universities offer part-time jobs on campus. This includes stuff like working at the library, administrative offices, or as a resident assistant.

These jobs are super handy because they’re so close to classes. Plus, they offer very flexible scheduling.

Research Assistant

If you’re interested in academic or scientific research, this might be just the job for you.

Becoming a research assistant for a professor or project can get you super valuable experience in your field of study. It can also help you build professional connections. Not to mention, this is gonna look amazing on the ol’CV!

Event Staffing

Having a university job working at events, conferences, concerts or other events is another good option. Mostly because it offers temporary and varied work opportunities. This will ensure you can stay on top of your oh-so-important studies!

Hospitality and Retail

This is perhaps the classic university job right. A lot of students opt to work in hospitality and retail because they offer flexible schedules and you can bag some pretty great tips.

These roles can also get you used to working in fast-paced stressful environments. And, like it or not, this is something you may need to get used to!

Freelance Online Work

You may be able to get your hands on some fantastic freelance opportunities. This includes writing, graphic design, web development, or social media management.

And, not only are these jobs super flexible, they teach really valuable digital and creative skills.

Now, you can’t get a freelance or remote job by waltzing into cafes and handing in your CV. You’ll need to find these jobs online. If you’re struggling to do this, why not sign up for platforms such as Prograd to match you to the perfect remote job?


Finally, this is another classic university job.

If you excel at a certain subject, you can tutor other students. This will earn you a healthy wedge of cash whilst reinforcing your subject understanding Result!


Remember that the “best” job for a university student is the one that suits you best. This means it fits with your availability, desired pay, and with your career aspirations. Yes, you heard us right! A university job can do a lot more than put cash in your pocket.

They can actually be a big help in developing the skills you need for the big wide working world. So, try to find a job that helps you with your long-term goals. Not just a job so you can afford more rounds of jägerbombs and takeouts!

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