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Jobs For International Students In The UK


Hopefully, you’re excited to be an international student in the UK! It may rain a lot, and our food can be a (cough cough) an acquired taste - marmite and baked beans aren’t for everyone after all.

Still, studying in the UK can be pretty fun, albeit quite expensive. Especially for international students with no student loans.

To keep your bank account happy, just pull up a chair and stick with us. Let’s dive into some of our favourite job options for international students.

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Can I Work In The UK As An International Student?

Absolutely, working in the UK as an international student is not just allowed; it's encouraged as part of your educational journey. However, it's crucial to navigate the rules and regulations carefully to ensure compliance with your visa requirements.

For starters, remember that your ability to work will depend on the type of visa you hold and your course of study.

Most international students on a Tier 4 (General) student visa can work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during vacations, but this can vary based on your level of study and the type of institution you're enrolled in.

Moreover, the type of work you can engage in might also have restrictions.

For example, you're generally not allowed to be self-employed, fill a permanent full-time position, or work as a professional sportsperson or entertainer. To avoid any pitfalls, always check the latest guidelines from the UK Home Office and seek advice from your university's international student office.

They can provide tailored advice and ensure you have all the information you need to work legally in the UK.

What To Look For In A Job For International Students?

There’s no reason why you shouldn't excel at a job as an international student. But still, there are a couple of things you should think about.

Besides making sure your job meets visa regulations, consider if an in-person or remote job may suit you best.

If you’re not confident with UK public transport and would prefer to work at home, a remote job may suit you better. If you’re also not confident with your English speaking, you may wish for a job with limited interaction.

Whatever you feel comfortable with, it’s totally up to you!

What Are The Best Jobs For International Students?


Speaking a second language can make you an attractive candidate in the UK. Especially as a translator!

This job will sharpen your language skills, and translating is a useful lifetime skill. Especially if you’re thinking about becoming a linguist later down the line.

Remote Work

If you’re not that confident in going out and about in the UK, don’t be put out. There are lots of great remote jobs for international students!

This can involve writing, graphic design, or computer programming. Whatever takes your fancy! Not only can this develop marketable skills, but these jobs can often be flexible and freelance.

This can give you plenty of time to do your studies, but also to explore a bit of the UK!

Language Tutoring

If you’re an international student, you may have a real edge when it comes to language tutoring!

In the UK, being fluent in a language other than English means you can offer language tutoring and conversation practice. This will be great for your communication and teaching skills. Plus, you can earn some serious dough!


If you’re an international student in the UK, there’s (ofc) lots of studying to do. But you also want to experience the UK, right? To do this, and earn some money too, why not work in tourism?

If you’re a student in a place with tourist attractions, you may be able to work as a tour guide or member of the in-house staff.

Campus Jobs

As an international student, there’s no place that will be more understanding of your situation than your university. This makes getting a job on campus an ideal option.

Just pop into your campus library, cafe, bar, or administrative office to check for openings.

Retail and Hospitality

Getting a job in a bar, restaurant, cafe, shop, etc., is always a good one to go for as an international student.

You’ve got to be reasonably confident with the language to have these jobs. But it’s also a great place to develop your English skills. And, as there are so many of these jobs kicking around, it’s always pretty simple and unstressful to nab one.

They also have super flexible hours, allowing you to work late-night and weekend shifts.

Event Staffing

Event staffing is a dynamic option among jobs for international students. Many universities and cities host a variety of events throughout the year, from conferences and exhibitions to concerts and sporting events.

Working as event staff can offer flexible hours and the opportunity to meet new people, making it a suitable choice for students looking to balance work with their studies and social life.

Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of jobs for international students. With businesses moving online, there's a growing demand for virtual assistants.

This role can involve managing emails, scheduling appointments, or handling social media management. It's perfect for students seeking flexible, remote work opportunities to complement their academic commitments.

Research Assistant

Becoming a research assistant is a prestigious opportunity among jobs for international students who excel in their field of study.

Opportunities to work as a research assistant for your professors or within university departments can be an excellent way to deepen your knowledge, gain experience in your field, and contribute to meaningful projects. This role not only enhances your resume but also builds a strong foundation for your future career.

Delivery Rider or Driver

For those who prefer being on the move, working as a delivery rider or driver presents a flexible option among jobs for international students. If you have a bicycle, motorcycle, or car, working for a delivery service can offer great flexibility and the chance to get to know your city better.

With the rise of app-based food and parcel delivery services, there are often plenty of opportunities available, allowing students to work according to their own schedules and earn a steady income.


Being an international student in the UK may be as exciting as it is scary. After all, it can unsettling studying away from home. A job might be just the thing to help you make new friends and get settled in.

You’ll learn new things, explore new places, and get an even more well-rounded experience of life in the UK. Just take a chance and jump in, we believe in you!

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