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How To Find A Student Job In The UK

How To Find A Student Job In The UK While Studying

When you’re studying, you’re not really thinking about maximising your time through a student job. Unfortunately, we’re not all capable of studying only, and some of us have to work or simply just want to!

Granted, there are benefits to working while studying, with the biggest benefit being monetary and the second benefit being work experience. Not only can having a student job help support you financially, but it can also prepare you with skills and experience for life after education.

Getting a student job in the UK is pretty straightforward. You need to be a resident or hold a student visa. If you’ve got these details sorted, then you’re able to take advantage of jobs both on and offline.

What Should You Consider When Finding A Student Job?

It’s great that you want to get a student job and make some extra money, but remember not to allow that to come at the sacrifice of your education.

You’ll want to find a student job that works with your academic schedule. So, consider jobs with flexible hours, such as evening shifts and weekend work. Alternatively, look for task-based work to ensure it doesn't get in the way of your studies.

Not every student job you apply for will require a CV, but it’s important to have one, just in case. You’ll want to consider your skills and interests before creating a CV and cover letter. Include the important things like your academic qualifications, academic achievements, relevant skills and experiences. By highlighting your abilities, you’ll be able to apply for any type of job confidently.

How To Find A Student Job

Whilst finding a job at university can be time-consuming, there are several ways to tackle it:

Search On Job Portals

There are so many online job portals that are filled to the brim with jobs of all kinds. Explore online job portals and websites that specifically cater to student job seekers. These websites advertise part-time, temporary, and internship positions suitable for students.

These portals also allow you to narrow down your search. Look for roles based on your desired location, industry, and flexibility level to find the right role for you.

Apply In-Person

In-person jobs still exist, and on-campus opportunities are plentiful. So you need to take a walk and start seeing what kinds of places exist in your immediate area and then see which ones you want to apply for. You can ask directly if anyone is looking for part-time workers to accommodate your studying needs, or you can check out student job boards which will have tons of opportunities that cater to various needs.

Don’t be afraid to search for a student job in person. You’ll find that there are a lot of opportunities out there that can easily fit your work/studying needs.

Utilise Your University Career Centre

Most universities in the UK have career centres dedicated to providing students with support and resources for those looking for a student job. What is the point of having these centres if you’re not going to utilise them?

This generally includes offering advice on job listings, CV writing assistance and interview preparation. This service is usually free, so don’t forget to check in and see how they can help. You’re paying a lot in fees, so you might as well get your money's worth where you can!

Advertise Yourself and Network

If you are looking to offer your services by doing something like tutoring, you may want to post advertisements for your business online.

While it might not be something you’re excited to do, there are tons of platforms available to market yourself and your services. Several platforms allow you to promote your service or business for free. You can also use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to bolster your visibility and chances of finding work. Don’t be afraid to have printed ads on notice boards around campus. There’s no such thing as too much advertising.

Do It Yourself

Finally, a great way to find a student job is by forging your way yourself. In today’s digital age, starting your side hustle has never been easier.

If you are concerned about your lack of experience, you can explore selling products on online platforms. E-commerce platforms are all fantastic ways to start your own business with high-profit potential. What better way to accommodate your studying schedule than to be your own boss. You set the hours, and you keep the money earned. It’s a great way to secure your financial future while studying.


While studying and working isn’t necessarily an easy combination, it’s one that has many rewards. From financial independence to work experience, you’re able to enhance your time at university while gaining skills, experience, confidence, communication skills, and money.

Now it’s up to you to get out there and seize all the opportunities available to you, and there are a lot of options available to you!

Whilst it may be hard, the most important thing is to retain determination and resilience in the student job hunt process.

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