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Top Jobs To Help You Pay Off Your Student Loan

Top jobs to help you pay off your student loan

As is the case with most students, you're probably staring down the barrel of a hefty student loan debt. But with tuition fees and living costs soaring, it's time to adult up and find the top jobs that can help you say "bye" to those student loans.

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In this article, we're spilling the tea on the top jobs that can slay your student debt, one paycheck at a time.

What Top Jobs Can Help You Pay Off Your Student Loan?

A quick note from us before we dive in: jobs that pay well are important (ofc). But money is not everything!

It’s important to have a really good think about what job you want and what suits you. What will suit your skills? What will make you happy?

To get a really good idea of what gig will suit you best, try heading over to some online platforms to point you in the right direction. Platforms like Prograd can give you some great job suggestions that suit your schedule and saving goals.


Not everything is about corporate life, freelancing can be a very lucrative opportunity. Whether you're a good writer, admin smart or good with numbers, freelance work provides flexibility and can pay pretty well. As long as you know where to look.

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Want something a bit more office based? We have a few more ideas for you...


We gotta start with the obvious: become a finance whiz! There are tons of jobs in this sector, like being a financial advisor, investment banker, consultant, and more.

These jobs can score you a big pay check, helping you pay off that debt in no time!


There are tons of great jobs in the upcoming and exciting world of coding. Web development, app development, and cybersecurity gigs are always in demand, so can earn you some good cash.


Have a brilliant business idea? Why not become your own boss? Starting a business can be a big risk, but it can lead to a fat stack of cash! And it can be such an adventure that'll keep you on your toes - that’s gotta be worth it right?


If you're passionate about shaping young minds, teaching is a rewarding and stable career. While teacher salaries can vary by location, there are often great pensions and the job can set you up well for life.


Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals are always in demand, and so their salaries can be great. Plus, you're doing some real good for the world – a win-win!

Civil Engineer

There’s a great career path for any graduate wanting to become a civil engineer. Once you work your way up to the top - you can earn some great cash! Defo enough to cover that pesky student debt.

Marketing and Advertising

Especially if you have a little creative streak, there’s no reason you shouldn’t succeed in the world of marketing and advertising.

There are loads of different types of marketing and advertising careers. Whether you want to start your career as a copywriter, marketing executive, media planner, or social media manager, you can find some healthy salaries.


A career in sales involves - you guessed it - selling. If you’re naturally a good salesperson (confident, enthusiastic) you can get some great commission and build some serious dough.

Civil Servant

Your pathway in the civil service will determine your salary, but, generally, they’re pretty good! Plus, the jobs can be really interesting and varied - and there are good pensions too. Result!


In the hustle and bustle of the post-grad world, paying off your student loans can feel like a never-ending battle. But with these jobs, you can earn the cash that can help you tackle that debt head-on.

Keep in mind that getting on top of your student debt can take time and effort. But with dedication, we know you can set yourself up for a bright, debt-free future.

So, pick your path, work hard, and let's say goodbye to that student loan stress!

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