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Which UK Stores Offer Student Discounts?

Where To Get The Best Student Discounts

Okay, so we all know that students aren’t famous for having a ton of cash. But being a student in the UK doesn't have to just mean drowning in debt, textbooks and coffee. No, no no. It can also mean you can get your hands on some killer student discounts at great stores!

So, grab that tote bag and get ready to learn about the hottest spots to save big as a student.

In fact, Prograd's algorithm help you find the best discounts! Just fill in our 20 second form to find a discount that work for you.

How To Get In-Store Student Discount?

It’s easy peasy to snag those in-store student discounts, here’s the 411.

As a student, you’ll get a student ID card. You may be able to access this online or have a physical card. Either way, make sure you have this bad boy with you whenever you hit the stores. It's your golden ticket to savings!

At the checkout, just whip out that ID or show your student discount code on your phone. Boom, you're in for the deal!

Some stores may also need you to sign up online with your student email or through platforms like UNiDAYS or Student Beans to get in-store student discounts.

Which UK Stores Offer Student Discounts?

So, it’s always worth flashing your student ID at the checkout of any stores you visit. They accept these a lot of the time.

But the best way to nab these in-store student discounts is by signing up for online platforms, like UNiDAYS, Totum and Student Beans.

Luckily, we’ve got the scoop on all of this. Just keep reading to find some of the best student discounts around, and how to get them!


Any student needs their trademark Apple product, right? After all, aren’t lecture halls always awash with shiny Apply logos?

Make sure to check out the UNiDAYS Apple discount, and any of Apple’s in-store student sales.

With a valid Totum membership, you can nab 10% off at Co-op Food for some tasty treats.

Urban Outfitters

All you need to do is sign up for UNiDAYS to enjoy 10% off the fresh fits Urban Outfitters serves up. This one works both online and in-store.


Half off pizza? Who doesn’t like the sound of that? And this one’s particularly good for students - we all know they love their takeaways!

With StudentBeans, students can enjoy 50% off those tasty pizzas.


Again, it’s UNiDAYS to the rescue with this in-store student discount! Just by flashing this discount, you get a whole 20% off your H&M fits.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a staple high-street restaurant. We all love it. And with UNiDAYS, students can get 33% off these delicious dishes.

Just worth noting this doesn’t run on Fridays and Saturdays. So this one goes out to all the students who like their mid-week Italian eat-outs!


Jeans. Shows, Levi’s has it all. And with the UNiDAYS discount, you can get it all in-store for 20% off.


Free sausage rolls and sweet treats? Does that sound like heaven or what? Download the StudentBeans deal app and get exclusive student deals when you buy any cold sandwich deal.


If you like your trainers, then you’ll know all about JD Sports. And it’s not just one of the best high street shops to get the latest and best kicks, it also offers a 20% student discount.


Cut the cost of cocktails with 20% off at AllBarOne via UniDays. Just make sure not to go too crazy with this one, or risk a heavy hangover!


Any student needs to be kept looking fresh, but shoes are expensive! Luckily, Schuh has your back with a 20% in-store student discount if you have the Totum app.


Being a student in the UK doesn't mean you have to live on a shoestring budget. Thanks to these student discounts, you can enjoy the best of fashion, tech, music, and more while saving your hard-earned cash.

Just make sure to check if you're eligible for these discounts, as requirements may vary from store to store. And never go shopping with your student ID downloaded or in your pocket! Now go forth and shop smart, you’ll soon see those savings start to pay off!

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