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How To Make Money Online For Free In 2024


Updated: February 2024

In a world where memes are our love language, TikTok dances are our cardio, and the internet is our playground, it's no surprise that our generation is all about finding ways to make money online.

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Don’t worry, we're not talking about those sketchy get-rich-quick schemes you see in spam emails! (Though, do keep an eye out for those…) We're talking about legit ways to stack some digital dollars from the comfort of your own space.

Ready to level up your hustle game? Check out these Prograd-approved strategies on how to make money online for free!

How Can You Make Money Online For Free?

In our digital age, it’s never been easier to nab yourself an online job.

By making money for free, we basically mean you can earn an income with minimal effort. You don’t need to worry about overhead with any of these side hustles. All you need is a laptop or phone, a good internet connection, and a little perseverance! It really is as easy as that.

Get Paid to Share Your Opinions

You've got opinions, and guess what? People are willing to pay you for them! Online surveys and market research panels are a fantastic way to earn some extra cash.

Check out Prograd's partners by getting started today. And here’s our pro-tip: most of these sites will let you earn some extra cash online by watching videos, playing games, and watching ads.

Master the Art of Content Creation

Forget about becoming a doctor or a lawyer; these days it’s all about becoming an influencer!

If you've got a talent, a passion, or a unique perspective, it's time to share it with the world. Start a YouTube channel, TikTok account, or Instagram page and create content that resonates with your audience. From beauty tutorials to gaming reviews and dance challenges, there's a niche for everyone.

Monetise through ads, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing to easily earn cash online.

Freelance Your Skills

Aren’t all young people today meant to be known for their tech-savvy prowess? So, why not put those skills to good use!

Freelancing platforms like Prograd and Upwork are goldmines for those who can write, design, code, or do just about anything online. You can offer services like graphic design, content writing, web development, or social media management.

Dive Into E-Commerce

Are you a crafting wizard, a vintage clothing connoisseur, or a thrift store queen? Use platforms like Etsy, Depop, or Vinted to turn your hobbies into cash. Sell handmade crafts, vintage finds, or pre-loved fashion items to a global audience.

Make sure to take high-quality photos of your products, write engaging descriptions, and offer excellent customer service. This will help you build a loyal customer base, and earn some serious cash online!

Become A Transcriber

Have a knack with the keyboard? Then consider becoming a transcriber!

Loads of companies rely on transcriptionists to turn audio from videos and speech files into text. This is pretty easy, as most places let you choose your assignments and set your own schedule.

So, you can put your feet up with a cuppa, and smash out this online job no probs.

Sell Your Snaps

If you’re a decent photographer and have a bunch of images sitting around on your hard drive, why not sell them? You can sell your snaps to agencies to earn some cash online.

You’ll receive commission every time someone downloads one of your photographs. So, if you build up a nice portfolio, you can earn some good money.

Teach An Online Course

Got a skill that others might want to learn? Whether it’s mastering the guitar, advanced calculus, or baking the perfect sourdough, teaching an online course can be a fab way to share your knowledge (and make some quid while you're at it).

Platforms like Udemy or Teachable make it super easy to create and sell courses on just about anything under the sun. Plus, you get to work from your cosy home office (or bed – we won’t judge!).

Start A Podcast

Podcasting is like the new blogging, but you get to talk instead of type. If you’ve got a charming voice and interesting tales or insights, starting a podcast could be your ticket to making money online.

Discuss anything from true crime (spooky!) to self-help tips. Monetise your podcast through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or a listener-supported model. Who knows? You might just become the next big thing to hit the podcast airwaves.

Virtual Event Planning

With the world going digital, virtual events have become the new norm. If you're a wizard at organising and love bringing people together, consider venturing into virtual event planning.

From webinars to online workshops and even virtual birthday parties, your knack for detail and coordination can bring in some serious dough. Plus, you get to throw parties for a living without having to clean up the mess!

Social Media Management

Are you the kind of person who knows Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok like the back of your hand? Many businesses and influencers are in dire need of someone to jazz up their social media presence.

As a social media manager, you can turn posts and tweets into pounds, all while scrolling through your favourite platforms. It’s a win-win!

Freelance Editing And Proofreading

Got an eagle eye for grammar and spelling mistakes? Freelance editing and proofreading could be your calling.

With more content than ever being produced online, there’s a high demand for people who can polish and perfect articles, eBooks, and reports. Not only do you get to read interesting stuff, but you also get paid to nitpick over commas and semicolons.

Personal Shopping

If you love shopping and have an eye for fashion and trends, why not make a career out of it?

As a personal shopper, you can help those fashion-challenged souls find their style, all from the comfort of your home. With virtual consultations and online shopping, you can put together outfits and wardrobes for clients all over the country. It’s like playing dress-up, but with real people and real money!

Mobile App Development

For the tech-savvy folks with a knack for coding, mobile app development is a lucrative field. With businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create the next big app, your skills can turn a nifty idea into a digital reality.

Work on projects ranging from simple utility apps to complex social networking platforms. Plus, seeing people download and use something you built is pretty cool.

Online Fitness Coaching

With gyms closing and reopening more times than we can count, online fitness coaching has taken off. If you're a fitness enthusiast with a knack for motivating others, this could be your gym-jam.

Offer personalised workout plans, nutritional advice, and virtual workout sessions. You’ll help others stay fit and healthy, and you get to wear workout gear all day. Score!

Voice-Over Work

Have a voice that can soothe, excite, or entertain? Voice-over work could be your chance to shine (or speak, rather). From audiobooks to video game characters and even voice-overs for commercials, your voice could be the one brands and authors are looking for.

Set up a home studio, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can say you’re a professional voice artist, which sounds incredibly cool.

Sell Handmade Crafts Online

Are you crafty with a capital C? Platforms like Etsy and Not On The High Street are goldmines for selling handmade crafts.

Whether it’s custom jewellery, quirky home decor, or even handmade soaps, your creativity can find a loving home (and bring in some extra cash). It’s a great way to turn your hobby into a business – all from the comfort of your crafting table.


Making money online for free may sound like a dream, but for today’s generation, it's a reality!

Whether you're flexing your creative muscles, sharing your opinions, or leveraging your skills, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in the digital realm.

So, grab your smartphone, put on your entrepreneurial hat, and start hustling online. It’s never been easier to get those pennies rolling in, and all from the comfort of home. Result!

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