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Side Hustle Ideas UK

Side Hustle Ideas UK

In need of some extra cash? Have some spare time on your hands? A side hustle may be just what you’re looking for. Grab a coffee and settle in, we’re about to spill the tea on the best hustles the UK has to offer.

To find the hottest hustles about, no need to scour the UK. These can all be found on Prograd. Simply hit that ‘Get Started’ button and find fire hustle ideas as well as smart ways to earn, save and invest. What are you waiting for?

How Can I Make Extra Money In The UK?

When you think of the UK, you may think of its cultural cities, a love of tea, and, admittedly, bad weather. But hold up - the UK is also a place to explore some great hustle options.

Think of a side hustle as a cheeky slice on the side. Maybe you already have a job or are in full-time education, but why should this stop you from getting some extra cheddar? Well, it shouldn’t!

If you have a hidden skill up your sleeve or even just some spare time, you can dive into a side hustle and get earning. Luckily, if you’re based in the UK, there are gig options aplenty.

What Side Hustles Can I Do In The UK?

Wanna get hooked up with the best side hustles on the UK market? Prograd has it all. Better yet, simply pop in your savings goals and we’ll suggest gigs that match your financial aspirations. To get a taste of some of the sick hustles on offer, just keep reading…

Delivery Driver

Are you pretty handy behind the wheel? And by handy we mean a very responsible driver. Well then, grow your savings by becoming a delivery driver. This side hustle pays a decent hourly rate and allows you to get on and about. Plus some great discounts may be included.

Work As An Extra

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting on a backstage set (who hasn’t, right?) then it’s time to make this your side hustle! Become an extra and get paid between £70 to £160 a day to work as an extra on a TV show or movie.

Sharing Data

Some companies will pay you to share your data. Don’t worry, this is all perfectly legit. Companies need customer data to improve things like their marketing strategies.

If you’re worried about finding the real deal, stay away from the scams and get linked up with Prograd. Hit that ‘Get Started’ button and find all the most reputable sites through our one easy platform.

Pet sitter

If you have a knack with animals, then pet sitting may be just the hustle for you. Lots of people don’t like leaving their furry friends in kennels. Enter you!

Get hooked up with these gigs online (or even ask around your neighbourhood) and get a healthy wage looking after people’s pets. This gig is easy-peasy to apply for and typically doesn’t require a CV.


The digital age has opened the door to a whole lot of online hustles. Becoming an influencer and getting paid to review brands is one such gig.

Lots of companies will pay you to help shape their brand and will pay in cash, fire discounts and vouchers too.

Research Studies

In the UK, lots of platforms will pay the big bucks for people to participate in anything from surveys to interviews to game testing. And this someone can be you! Companies need people from all kinds of backgrounds, so there’s sure to be a spot you can leap into.


If you already have mad skills in writing, gardening, construction, or graphic design, time to freelance it up! Hit that ‘Get Started’ button and search Prograd for online platforms looking for your expertise. Hone your skills and earn at the same time - it’s a win-win.


Do you indulge in Netflix binges? Like to scroll your phone as you use public transport? Turn these scrolling sessions into making cold hard cash. Plenty of survey companies will pay for you to fill out simple online surveys. They may not pay the big bucks, but they can be a steady and easy earner.

See our guide around How To Find Paid Surveys.


So, there you have it - your ticket to side hustle stardom in the UK. From survey filling to pet sitting, all these hustles can be flexible, fun, and earn you a healthy slice.

Get going with a side hustle today with Prograd. Whatever your vibe, there’s a side hustle waiting for you in the UK. Just smash that ‘Get Started’ button, fill in a quick survey, and we’ll get you hustling in no time.

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