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Who Offers Discounts For Students?


Let’s be real - being a student can be a real budget buster. Between textbooks, food, and just trying to have a social life, our wallets can seriously feel the strain. But listen up, because there’s a secret weapon in the war against empty pockets: student discounts.

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What Discounts Are There for Students?

You heard us right. Lots of places know that students are usually pretty strapped for cash. So, a bunch of companies are happy to hook you up with nifty deals and discounts.

From tech gadgets to deliveries to clothes, stick with us for the lowdown on who's offering the goods.

Who Offers Discounts for Students?

Aside from tons of deals on Prograd, there are a number of companies offering discounts for students. Check them out:


Music lovers, rejoice! Spotify offers a student discount that's like music to your ears - a 45% discount on their Premium subscription. That means ad-free tunes and offline listening for a fraction of the regular price.


This platform is the OG of student discounts. The UNiDAYS app is like a golden ticket to discounts. Sign up, verify your student status, and unlock discounts at loads of retailers, from fashion to tech to food.


We all know students love their Apple products - and they’re in luck! Apple offers student pricing on MacBooks, iPads, and even Apple Music. Plus, they toss in free AirPods with certain purchases.

Amazon Prime

Amazon knows that students need their super fast shipping. Luckily, Prime Student includes fast delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, 50% off Prime, and even more exclusive discounts!

Clothing Brands

Tons of clothing brands, like ASOS and H&M, offer student discounts for all your fashion needs. Stay stylish without blowing your budget.


For this, there are a couple of options to choose from. For just £14.99 for one year or £24.99 for three years, the Totum Student+ card provides students with some bangin’ discounts.

With it, students can get discounts on all their favourite things: drinks, clothes, and tech, to name just a few. Plus, this gives you a free tastecard, giving you discounts at your favourite restaurants. Yum!

Or, if you don’t wanna part with those pennies, there is a free version available too. With it, there are still great discounts to be had from over 350+ brands. Still pretty good, right?

Public Transportation

Most cities offer student discounts on public transport. Save on bus or train fare, and whizz around without breaking the bank.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you're an artsy student, Adobe's Creative Cloud is a game-changer. Get apps like Photoshop and Illustrator at a deep discount for all your student creative projects.


Head back to school with the Microsoft student discounts. Microsoft hooks students up with Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and all that good stuff without spending a penny.

Student Beans

Student Beans is a platform that offers discounts on tons of great brands. From transport to fashion to takeaways to gadgets. All you need is the Student Beans app, and you can start saving some stacks.

Gym Membership

Stay fit and focused with discounted gym memberships. Lots of gyms, like PureGym and The Gym Group, offer student discounts for you to burn off all those drinks and late-night takeaways!

How Can Students Get Discounts?

To cash in on these deals, you'll usually need to prove your student status. This often involves providing the name of your institution and your student email address or ID.

You can also sign up to platforms like Prograd, that give you tons of discounts right at your fingertips. Just click on our form to get started today,

So, just make sure to keep those student IDs and emails handy!


If you should take away from this, it’s that being a student doesn't have to mean being broke. With these discounts, you can enjoy the perks of student life without going broke.

So, go forth and save - and remember, it's not about what you have; it's about how much you saved on it!

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